Monday, March 28, 2011

Neat Freak

I'm not OCD, but I do like being tidy a little more than the average person. Today my coworker had to pack up and organize her portion of the office because she's moving offices for a while. Seeing her get to clean house made me want to do it too--it's like I get in a mood where I just wanna clean, just call me Danny Tanner.

I felt really good recycling/throwing out old things that were just cluttering my space. I'm like that with everythign if I have too many browser windows open on my computer I get antsy...but for my coworker she said she really dislikes cleaning up and packing in general and wasnt having fun at all. I felt bad for her but I'm glad my office is neat now haha. So I definitely benefitted.

So am I a weirdo? Do you like cleaning or do you prefer to live in an organized chaos? Post away!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Bored Boyfriends Gallery

I went shopping with my sister this weekend and saw what I always see. The really bored boyfriends/brothers/husbands/male accompanies sitting outside the fitting room or store looking just plain miserable.

I always think to myself that when I'm married one day I would never drag my husband along because 1) they look so miserable and 2) not only are they bored, but there are cute girls walking around I'd pretty much be bringing them to a place where they can check out other girls all day and so I'd just be asking for the jealous side of me to come out.

Boys: Do you mind shopping with girlfriends/girls/friends/family?

Girls: Do you like taking your guys shopping?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adventures in Jury Duty

So this week I got called for jury duty. It was pretty painful to say the least, I wish I had lied and said I was biased on the preliminary questionaire but turns out I'm a very decent candidate for jury duty.

The first day I was pissed because I got picked, then stepped in dog doodoo, and then got a parking ticket, and I felt like it was a waste of so many people's time and resources to go through this 2-3 day selection process to pick 12 people out of a group of 50 -- plus its pretty impossible to find anyone who's not biased.

Anyways, the judge was very nice ..dunno exactly what the case was about but basically it took 2 days of him asking everyone to talk about their feelings, all touchy-feely like, to find out if we had any life experiences or biases that would make us partial to one side or the felt like speed dating the way they asked us each a series of questions...then I finally got kicked out. I realized if you don't want to serve, just be more vocal about why you have x y or z personal beliefs that would interfere in you being a fair person. Anyways, it coulda been fun to participate but I got kicked out.

Tell me about your jury duty experience!